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The lithosphere was actually discovered by seismology; in other words, by listening to the movement of the Earth’s crust through earthquakes. While listening to fast earthquake waves, scientists discovered that the top mantle is just as rigid as the crust, although they have a different chemical makeup. The lithosphere is approximately 74.56 miles thick under the continents and is thinnest… More →

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Mme lorsque le 1er dile en question affirme posment que non, les impts n’augmenteront pas en 2017. Mais justement : nous sommes en 2017 et la parole donne, mme publique, est soumise suspicion ou, carrment, la non croyance quand pandora jewellery, ils sont minoritaires, l’on doit prouver par A+B certains que la ville n’a pas fait voluer ses taux. Bref..… More →

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In theory we already require taxes on illegal operations of all sorts. But illegal operations are hard to pin down. Back taxes took down Al Capone, but I don see those kinds of efforts for illegal businesses here. The Friends group, which has some 400 members, supports the state run forest with volunteer visitor center staffing https://www.pandora4saleuk.com/, trail maintenance, litter… More →

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While many who will read this know that America’s settlers came to her shores to establish religious liberty, what many today fail to recognize is that religious liberty necessitates establishing churches separate and apart from the license and sanction of civil government. More than any other element of society, it was America’s colonial clergy who were responsible for leading the… More →

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Common Cause IL Executive Director Brian Gladstein: “We commend Governor Bruce Rauner for pointing out in his budget address that in order, win elections, politicians from both parties made promises to special interests that the state could never afford unaffordable pension promises that are bankrupting our state. Yet, the Governor has a track record of personally making multi million dollar… More →