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What Not to Do When Hiring an In Home Caregiver Whether you have an elderly grandparent who needs constant medical attention and care, or if your own parents have started to give in to the problems and pitfalls of old age, it’s your responsibility to make sure they get the best care, assistance, and attention. But because many of us have responsibilities and obligations of our own, it’s impossible to personally provide our elderly loved ones the care and attention they need. That’s why hiring in home caregivers has become the easiest solution for many. There are a few considerations that you need to make however before you make that hire. The last thing you want is to entrust your elderly loved one to someone who isn’t prepared to care for them nor has no intention of dedicating to the job. Avoid falling into these common in home caregiver hiring pitfalls to find the best hire for your loved one. 1. Skipping the Background Check – There are a lot of opportunistic people out there who think they can fake their way through a job especially if the duties and responsibilities seem easy enough. It’s not impossible for these people to try their luck at applying for the job and pretend like they have the chops to get it done right. With this in mind, it’s ideal that you perform the necessary background checks to make sure that those applying for the position are actually capable of doing a good job. Be sure that you get a copy of their credentials and identification cards to validate their claim and ensure a good hire. 2. Leaving Out the Contract – A lot of people think that hiring an in home caregiver is as easy as simply agreeing with someone to take care of their elderly or sick loved one, but that’s not actually the case. In this situation, it’s best to prepare a contract stipulating the details of your agreement because you will take on the roles of an employer and an employee. In your contract, you should enumerate all the details of the job as well as the salary, incentives, and penalties for future reference. This will also serve an important function in the event of legal issues.
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3. Skipping Out on an Interview – It would be best to get to know your new in home caregiver before you make a hire on top of the credentials and contract. If you sense any irritability, impatience, or anger issues, seek a different hire. It pays to keep in mind that the task of caring for an elderly loved one isn’t easy, and if the person you hire doesn’t have affection for the one their tasked to take care of, they might end up doing something that could hurt the elderly you’ve entrusted them to attend to.Discovering The Truth About Resources

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